PV Engineering Services

YellowDot Energy provides professional engineering services to the renewable energy, construction and agribusiness sectors

YellowDot Energy provides professional electrical engineering services to clients and provides specific expertise in the design and deployment of solar PV and solar hybrid power plant solutions.  YellowDot can assess your application and deliver engineering services to ensure the lowest cost source of power is provided with the highest level of reliability available.

High flow ground-water pumping for mining, agriculture and municipal purposes is an application area that YellowDot has particular expertise and experience with.  Design services for standalone solar, solar-grid hybrid, or solar-diesel hybrid power plants integrated with pumping systems have been completed for leading companies in the Australian context.

YellowDot engineers maintain strong competencies in control systems engineering to ensure your solar power plant is integrated into existing management and monitoring systems in a robust and reliable manner.

• Complex Energy Modelling

• Analyse and Review Energy Costs
• Technically Supported Financial Modelling
• Engineering and Design
• PLC Software & Algorithms
• Certification Services - CPEng, RPEQ, CEC
• Network approvals
• Project Finance Options

Large-scale Solar Groundwater Pumping

2011 Australian CleanTech Competition​ 3rd Place

Hybrid Power Engineering

Case Study: 
Large-scale Bore Pumping

"Wyadra" Hillston NSW - Cotton Irrigation

YellowDot Energy has replaced over 80,000 litres p.a. of diesel with PV solar energy on this remotely located high-flow groundwater pump. In Australia, approximately 150 million litres of diesel is used each year to extract groundwater for purposes such as crop irrigation, mine-dewatering/processing and municipal water supply.

Historically, only small scale stock and domestic groundwater bores have utilised solar energy to extract water due to the complexity of managing the power and efficiency of the pumping system combined with the high cost of solar PV technology.

Following a 3-year research and development program, YellowDot has created an award-winning breakthrough in engineering design to enable the construction of Australia’s largest solar high-flow bore in Hillston NSW. The innovation is based on a proprietary control algorithm to operate the motor in such a way that we can achieve maximum possible shaft speed (and pumping volumes) given the available solar energy incident on the PV array at any moment in time. The YellowDot control system targets the most efficient pump operating point that is achievable given the available solar energy.

YellowDot designs 100% solar or solar/diesel hybrid power systems for 24/7 pumping solutions.

Case Study:

Camp Water Supply

​Rio Tinto Iron Ore, Paraburdoo WA - Mining

YellowDot was requested by Rio Tinto to provide the engineering and design for a solar hybrid power plant for water reticulation pumps to supply water to their rapidly expanding mining camps.

​Certain constraints provided a challenging engineering task. As an example, the chosen sites are located in hot-dusty regions, so the power plant was designed using frameless thin-film PV modules to improve performance in high temperatures and to reduce dust related power degradation.

The proposed sites had large quantities of surface rock, and as such YellowDot Energy's engineers worked closely with international suppliers to develop a pre-cast concrete ballast for the ground mounting solution. This had another advantage in reducing the requirement for site labour which is a significant cost factor in remote mining towns. 

Case study:

Green Star Buildings

​Blackwoods, Karratha WA - Hardware

YellowDot Energy designed and delivered 40kW of PV for Blackwoods' new Karratha store enabling it to achieve a Green Star 5 rating as an energy efficient building.

A key design element in achieving the coveted 5 star rating is to incorporate 40kW of solar PV power plant on the roof of the new building to reduce the building's net energy consumption.

Solar PV is one of the most cost-effective methods owners of commercial and industrial buildings can use to attain Green Star points.  YellowDot worked closely with the Green Star consulting engineers to calculate the impact of the PV power plant on the buildings rating.

Horizon Power's stringent requirement for network connection had to be met which involved customised power ramp-up and ramp-down inverter capabilities combined with an innovative battery cache.

YellowDot was contracted to engineer and supply the power plant to specification and to provide commissioning and plant training to local operators.